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Guess what?

Arbor Rouge Mineral Bronzers, Highlighters, and Matte Finishing Powders are now available!

Our bronzer brings a natural looking sun-kissed glow to your skin without the harmful effects of UV Rays! Brighten your skin and add a natural glow with our Illuminating Highlighter. Our Matte Mineral Finishing Powder is a super fine translucent powder that sets your foundation, absorbs excess oil, and leaves your skin looking absolutely flawless. It’s a miracle in a jar- one of my favorite products! Made with only four ingredients, our Mineral Makeup is actually GOOD for your skin!

Bronzers available in:
Honeyed Beige(light): A soft tan beige with minimal shimmer, perfect for lighter skin tones.
Sun Kissed(medium): A pretty, medium-toned beige with a slight peach shimmer, perfect for medium skin tones.
Cappuccio(dark): A deep bronze, gives a healthy tanned look with a slight red undertone and peach shimmer.

Ingredients: Sericite, Titanium Dioxide, Tapioca Powder, Micas

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Arbor Rouge Cosmetics:
Handmade From Scratch
Made-to-Order to Ensure Freshness
High Quality Natural Ingredients
No Harsh Chemicals
Paraben Free, Phthalate-Free, Detergent Free
No Synthetic Fragrances or Artificial Ingredients

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