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Arbor Rouge Calming Matte Mineral Foundation is made with only six skin-loving, all-natural ingredients and the minerals are ground into an extremely fine, soft powder designed to give long lasting flawless coverage with a “no makeup” feel. Our foundation is actually GOOD for your skin!

AR Mineral Foundation creates a silky, natural-looking complexion the hydrating minerals protect and nourishes the skin. We add chamomile into our foundations for the skin-calming benefits, which is great for skin that gets irritated easily. The results are superior coverage and healthy, radiant skin. I have used this foundation for quite a while now, and my skin has never looked better! I’m obsessed.

AR Mineral Foundation goes on creamy (it works with the natural oils in your skin) but can be also be mixed with your moisturizer for a liquid foundation, instead of using harsh or unhealthy chemicals found in most liquid foundations that can damage skin cells.

We only use fresh, high quality minerals- NO fillers. We DO NOT use Talc, Cornstarch, Bismuth Oxychloride, Boron Nitride, Magnesium Stearate, fragrances or preservatives in our cosmetics.

Available in shades:

  • Porcelain: A very light, neutral shade.
  • Ivory: A light, cool-toned shade.
  • Light Beige: A light, warm-toned shade.
  • Cream: A medium-light, cool-toned shade.
  • Honey: A medium-light, warm-toned shade.
  • Fawn: A medium, cool-toned shade.
  • Maple: A medium, warm-toned shade.
  • Amber: A medium-dark, cool-toned shade.
  • Almond: A medium-dark, cool-toned shade.
  • Mocha: A dark, cool-toned shade.
  • Mahogany: A dark, warm-toned shade.

Custom Shades available!

Shades Pictured are Ivory, Maple, and Mocha.


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